Carter, Angela Principal
Pitts, Rueben Assistant Principal
Whitt, Caroline Assistant Principal
Holley, Angela Assistant Principal

Adams, Sarah 6th Grade Social Studies
Akers, Jeanette 7th Grade Science
Akin, Robyn 6th Grade Science
Aligbe, Esther French
Allen, Alisa PE
Atkins, Juanita IRR
Bazuaye, Julie Special Education
Bergen, Kyle 6th Grade Reading
Biddy, Angela 6th Grade Science
Brownlow, Nicholas IRR
Burton, Amanda 7th Grade Science
Calhoun, Julia 8th Grade Reading
Cannon, Morgan Psychologist
Carter, Angela Principal
Clark, Rachel 7th Grade Social Studies
Emerson, Sheila 8th Grade Math
Fell, Lisa Art
Gunter, Rita 6th Grade Social Studies
Head, Horace 8th ELA
Henyard, Daszian 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Math/CODE
Johnson, Ashanti Special Education
Johnson, Renee 8th Grade Math
Lancaster, Arletta 7th Grade ELA
Lewis, Nina Foreign Language
Lewis, VanEssa 8th Grades Social Studies
Long, Anissa 6th Grade Math
Mathews, Jennifer Media Specialist
Mitchell, Sheridan 8th Grade Science
Murray, DeVon Band
Myles, Nadine 7th Grade Math
Nixon, Teri Special Education Evaluator
Oliver, Robert 8th Grade ELA
Patterson, Antonia Business and Computer Science
Pearson, Reginald PE
Phillips, Gillian 6th Grade Language Arts
Ramey-Ford, Charisse 7th Grade Reading
Robinson, Keith PE
Roper, Matthew 8th Grade Science
Roth, Jacqueline 6th Grade Reading
Salazar, Sallie Special Education
Smith, Louis 7th grade Social Studies
Sutton, Jeneen IRR
Tarrant, Lucas Chorus/Music
Taylor, Jerlisa Special Education
Tolson, Allison 7th Grade ELA
Trisler, William 7th Grade Math
Watson, LaWanda 6th Grade ELA
Whittingham, Sylvia Career Exploration
Willis, Diane PE/Career
Wooden, Brandon 8th Grade Social Studies
Woods, Dana 6th Grade Math
Wright, Gianna Special Education

Cannon, Morgan Psychologist
Couch, Judy Para
Crook, Lisa Records Clerk
Douglas, Lakeebler Paraprofessional
Fields, Pamela Health Monitor
Foster-Shaw, Antoinette ISS Para
Holland, Karen Media Clerk
Labat, Charlyne Office clerk
Martin, Rochelle Paraprofessional
North, Toya Office Manager
Rivarde, Monique Paraprofessional
Robinson, Teresa Counselor
Schmersal, Donna Paraprofessional
Walker, LaShonda Counselor
Wall, Denise Nurse
Wheeler, Janet Cafeteria Manager
Williams, Tiffany Paraprofessional